We are a company that is dedicated to the supervision and representation of Airlines that operate at Barcelona and Reus Airport. Servicios Asistencia Aerea S.L. was founded by Juan Mayol in Barcelona and Reus Airport in 1977, after having worked with a number of different airlines; he started in aviation in 1970 in Paukner at Madrid Airport, transfered to Barcelona Airport in 1971 until 1977 and then decided to start his own company.

All our staff work as a dedicated and enthusiastic team and will work to the highest standards to offer a correct and professional service at both airports in Barcelona and Reus, where we have our own offices.

If your company will fly to Barcelona we think that we have much to offer being that BCN is a big airport and can be difficult at times. We have been working for over 30 years at Barcelona and are well experienced, we also have very good relationship with all handling agents.

Awards won

Station of the month for July and September 2001-2002.
Station of the month for April and September 2003-2004.
Station of the year 2003-2004
Station of the year 2007